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We invent, so you have more fun on the trails

When we talk about innovation at BIONICON, we don't mean making new stuff just for the sake of it. Its not coincidence that the readers of BIKE magazine voted BIONICON "Most innovative bike brand" seven times. Had our ideas not proven sustainable, the votes wouldn't have kept coming.....

Atddd BIONICON we live for what we love most: biking! It is more than just a sport or a way to make a living, it's a way of life.


Nature is our inspiration

Our infinitely adjustable geometry and suspension travel at the touch of a button: back in the 90's when suspension travel started to increase the climbing performance of bikes simultaneously worsened. Front wheels wouldn't stay down and stiff neck muscles and crazy seating positions were the consequence.

We experimented, thought a lot and looked around us - the natural world provided the solution, as other brands weren't ready. Our inspiration came from the mountain goats that shorten their front limbs (suspension travel) moving their centre of gravity forwards and making climbing a breeze.

Downhill they extend their front limbs (more travel) and lower their centre of gravity: fast, agile and safe! The goats helped us with our pioneering work and development in creating all-mountain capable mountainbikes as well as inspiring our name. Since 2002 we've been know under the name BIONICON. "Bionic" is the term used by industry for any technology inspired by the natural world.

Since then all BIONCON own components have been engineered, tested and assembled by hand at our headquarters. The full benefits of the BIONCON ClimbAir® System are still only available with our bikes.

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